Our Process – You’ll Call It Risk & Hassle Free:

  • First, receive a free quote. You will find our prices to be very reasonable. We will need your address for the quote. We promise not to use your address for any other reason.
  • We follow the following process while cleaning your property:
    • We always use stand offs on ladders to protect the wall and gutter, and ensure they don’t get scratched or damaged.
    • If we are cleaning windows and the screens need to be removed, we remove them first before cleaning the window and replace them when done.
    • We clean up any spillage & debris from our work and removed them from the premises.
    • We make sure all hoses are wrapped up if we pressure wash.
    • We make sure all furniture and other valuables are kept safe during the operation.
    • We make sure any gates are closed if we opened them.
    • We make sure we do not disturb any gardens.
    • If we are cleaning gutters, we can also scrub the outside of gutters making them shiny clean.
    • Many of our customers are not home when we do the job so, for their convenience, we simply do the cleaning and then leave an invoice with a return envelope to send the payment.

We have many happy customers across the Lower Mainland. Our staff always ensure they do a good job and that the area is left clean.