Window Cleaning

Our window cleaners do a streak free job on your windows. We can do window cleaning on your outside or inside windows or both. When the window cleaning is done, your windows are left sparkling clean. We have been doing window cleaning since 1984 and are still serving many of our original customers most of which live in Richmond, British Columbia. We have more than 600 customers in Richmond. We have more than 200 customers in Surrey, British Columbia. Surrey business is expanding though.

Gutter Cleaning

When we do gutter cleaning on your home, we clean the gutters fully and remove all of the debris which we take away in bags. We can clean the inside of the gutters or the outside of the gutters or both. When we clean the outside of the gutters it improves the appearance of your home. When we clean the inside of the gutters they are left with no debris and running free. Most of our gutter cleaning customers are in Richmond, British Columbia and Coquitlam with a few in Surrey, British Columbia. Surrey gutter cleaning is expanding though.

Pressure Washing

We can do pressure washing on your walks, driveway, patios or even your whole house. We can wash a vinyl house or a stucco house but in both cases your home is cleaned to perfection. We have washed quite a few houses in Richmond, British Columbia and many are washed every two years.

Exterior and interior window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing and house washing.

Interior House Cleaning

We also do the interior house cleaning: Floor  moping, dusting, wall cleaning, kitchen, bathroom, renovation and new construction etc.

We provide:

  • One time or on-call cleaning.
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly cleaning.
  • Move in/ out cleaning.

If you are looking for a great job well done, please give us call or email.

Our guarantee is that you do not pay for the job until fully satisfied.