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Gutter Cleaning in Surrey- We take away the debris

We have cleaned literally hundreds of gutters in the Surrey area over the past 26 years. We do not use fancy equipment like vacuum cleaners but clean each gutter by hand and take away the debris.

Our guarantee is that you do not pay for the job unless fully satisfied.
We do a good job
We use standoffs on all ladders to […]

Gutter Cleaning in Coquitlam – Good Job Includes…

We do a good Job.
We have been cleaning gutters in Coquitlam and the surrounding area for the past 26 years for hundreds of customers every year or sometimes twice a year.

When we do gutter cleaning…

we remove all the debris by hand take it away in bags, We always use stand offs on the ladder so the gutters do not […]

Gutter And Window Cleaning New Westminster B.C.



We provided window cleaning and gutter cleaning on a complex on Richmond Street In New Westminster. The manager of the building asked us to use wings on the ladder so we did but we make a practice of doing that always anyhow. The windows are done once per year and the gutters every fall. So far, the people who live in this […]

Gutter Cleaning and Window Cleaning in Surrey British Columbia



The company started out in Richmond B.C. doing gutter cleaning along with window cleaning but did not do any gutter cleaning  or window cleaning in Surrey B.C. until around 1995 .Brian Beaumont, the owner of the company, did not live in Richmond or Surrey but started by knocking on doors in various townhouse complexes in Richmond. Surrey seemed a little far […]

Customer Review for Burnaby Window Cleaners

Just in – Thanks to Dave Johnson, our valued customer for sending us a very nice testimonial.

“We have been using The Window Cleaners for over twenty years. We have always had exceptional and competent service and have been treated in a professional manner. They arrive at the scheduled time and perform to a high standard. Our trust has extended […]

Window and gutter cleaning in greater Vancouver

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Window Cleaning Gutter Cleaning And Pressure Washing


. We have been window cleaning, gutter cleaning and pressure washing in the lower mainland for the past 27 years and have hundreds of repeat customers in the area. We started on many streets that were just under construction in many places, Some of the customers have been with us for more than 20 years getting the window done every […]