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Window Cleaning in Coquitlam

We do a good job.
Our window cleaning guarantee is that you do not pay for the job unless fully satisfied.
We have been window cleaning in the Coquitlam area for the past 26 years. Many of our customers have been with us for the entire time getting the windows cleaned every three, four or six months on a regular basis.

We […]

Pressure washing in Coquitlam area

Pressure Washing for Houses, Patio, Walks & Driveway
We have done pressure washing in Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam for the past 27 years.  We started servicing customers as the new subdivisions were being built in a lot of cases. Some customers have been with us for many years getting their houses, walks and patios washed yearly.

We have done pressure washing on  […]

Gutter Cleaning in Coquitlam – Good Job Includes…

We do a good Job.
We have been cleaning gutters in Coquitlam and the surrounding area for the past 26 years for hundreds of customers every year or sometimes twice a year.

When we do gutter cleaning…

we remove all the debris by hand take it away in bags, We always use stand offs on the ladder so the gutters do not […]