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Window Cleaning Gutter Cleaning Pressure Washing In Greater Vancouver

 I started my window cleaning company in 1984. I still have my very first customer. At the time work was very scarce in British Columbia. A friend and my future son in law suggested that we go out and knock on doors and get some jobs, window cleaning, gutter cleaning or pressure washing. He had some experience and said […]

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Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning And Pressure Washing In North Vancouver


We started out by doing gutter cleaning on the 10 unit complex in North Vancouver. When it was found that we did a good job the manager asked us to clean the windows also which we did. After window cleaning we were approached to clean all the walkways and favors in the rear yard of the complex.

We have […]

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Pressure Washing, Window Cleaning,Gutter Cleaning In Burnaby B.C.

We have done pressure washing on  hundreds of patios and the pressure washing of  many houses in Burnaby throughout the past 26 years. Many of the customers, like the house featured in the picture have pressure washing  done each and every year.

These customers have written very good reviews regarding our work and have, through word of mouth, gotten us […]